Small Clear Quartz Orgone Crystal Pyramid

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Small Clear Quartz Orgone Crystal Pyramid Created With:

Clear Quartz, Copper Coiled, Gold Flake, Tensor Ring, Glitter, Coloured Sand, Aluminium, Steel and River Gravel with a coiled clear quartz and a piece of black tourmaline in the centre.

CLEAR QUARTZ: The most powerful healing and energy amplifying stone. Facilitated clarity of thought and amplifies energy. Clears and cleanses ones energy field. Allows a deep sense of clarity in your life.








*All dimensions are a guide. Height, Width, Weight vary with each individual product.

About Orgone

Orgone is an invisible, subtle energy, similar to Prana, Chi or life force energy. People, animals and plants thrive in positive Orgone, struggle in negative Orgone. It is thought that electricity, WiFi and mobile phone transmissions disrupts this subtle energy. Causing it to stagnate and turn bad. Here at Art With Energy we create an Orgone Converter, made up of resin, shaved metals and quartz crystal, processing negative Orgone and converting it into positive Orgone. Never needing to be recharged or replaced, our Orgone is a sustainable and cost-effective way to restore energy fields to their natural organic state.